I guess you're here because you want to know more about  who  created this site.
Who's writing is Arlon Stok, born in  Trieste where, again?
I then lived in Greytown (nz), Milano (it), Köln (de),
Helsinki (fi), Bruxelles (be), Madrid (es).

It's also always good to let me know
where you, dear visitor, come from.
My purpose in life is simple: to have a lasting and  positive impact  on as many as possible, and the kind of challenges I'd undertake all the time involve strategy, metaphors , skills  and meaning .
In my spare time, I cultivate  more  hobbies and interests
 than I could ever  be able to
 handle .

Go ahead: send me an email or use skype.
Otherwise go have a walk, travel a bit, test your eyesight, cook some good pasta or, why not, take a look at my Linkedin profile.

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This is a legacy page, involving video production and editing, active only until year 2009.
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