I guess you're here because you want to know more about  who  created this site.
Who's writing is Arlon Stok, born in  Trieste where, again?
I then lived in Greytown (nz), Milano (it), Köln (de),
Helsinki (fi), Bruxelles (be), Madrid (es).

It's also always good to let me know
where you, dear visitor, come from.
My purpose in life is simple: to have a lasting and  positive impact  on as many as possible, and the kind of challenges I'd undertake all the time involve strategy, metaphors , skills  and meaning .
In my spare time, I cultivate  more  hobbies and interests
 than I could ever  be able to
 handle .

Go ahead: send me an email or use skype.
Otherwise go have a walk, travel a bit, test your eyesight, cook some good pasta or, why not, take a look at my Linkedin profile.

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So, what is the Internet of Things?

click here if you already know, otherwise keep reading.

Just imagine how it would be if all of the objects you own and pass by would be connected to a sort of new internet.
Billions of objects would be connected through this network to us humans, adding a lot of possibilities to both our daily and long-term ways of thinking and acting.
Straight from Rob Van Kranenburg's words: 'A near invisible network of radio frequency identification tags (RFID) is being deployed on almost every type of consumer item. These tiny, traceable chips, which can be scanned wirelessly, are being produced in their billions and are capable of being connected to the internet in an instant. This so-called ‘Ambient intelligence’ promises to create a global network of physical objects every bit as pervasive and ubiquitous as the worldwide web itself.'

1. It's a simple concept: users defined their rights when the internet was born, and it will have to happen once again. This is the main issue to face.

2. Mouse over the various areas to find out the meaning of all this.