Signage of invisible climate and environmental factors
Credits and copyright:
Arlon Stok

Thanks to:
Lorenzo Shakespear
Paolo Ciuccarelli

We all know the state of the environment that surrounds us.
We know it's bad. Just, how well do we know it?
Will we ever do anything about it without being constantly reminded?
The main objective of this project is improving knowledge and preparation about these factors, using perception.

We actually get informations about our environment's state by the response we get from secondary senses.
What's missing is a visual (primary) response.
If the setting we're in would change according to the actual real-time conditions, would we be able to ignore it the same way we do now?

In fact, some pollution elements like PM10 , UV and environmental indicators like wind can be easily measured.
These measurements can be applied to real-life signaling and/or warning messages, even transmitted wirelessly.

The aim here is not solving the problem: it is just the first step, it's about the creation of knowledge and awereness in the population.

On this purpose I created the concept of Weather Totem.

It is designed to become a new kind of urban landmark.
It's not disturbing but is impossible to ignore by passers-by, while its shape makes it highly visible by cars, having approx. the same visibility from both driving directions, thanks to the peculiar shape.

Its color changes according to the weather conditions, from "safe" (light blue) to "dangerous" (bright red), thanks to a series of LEDs covered by a plastic semi-opaque protecting surface.


A white area expands from the top as the UV rays gain power, giving a feeling of danger coming from above.


Wind is another invisible factor to signal by using more LED stripes, on the ground, both for traffic uses (side wind active signaling) or for pedestrians' fun and knowledge of the phenomenon.

It is very important to create any of these installations according to the requirements of the exact chosen location: in this reconstruction I chose an area on the waterfront of my hometown Trieste.
Here is how, for example, a modular structure could be adapted to any city/town square, by replicating its shape.

Other applications are possible, like a UV indicator on a public beach setting, a PM10 indicator on a scooter/bike or integrated with a home or public weather station.
scooter     beach