A totem for complex event management


Managing complex events is no easy task.
Decisions need to be taken in seconds, all the time.

While the flow of visitors and workers/stakeholders is constant, the human touch is – and will always be – irrepleaceable.
Yet, there are certain actions that can end up being easier, quicker and even more enjoyable for both the event organizers and the end users when aided by hi-tech.
A user-centred design, together with an integrated/holistic approach, gives us the chance to consider the whole experience for the end user as a unique path, be it physical or made of ideas and stimuli.

The basic tool for such a complex setting has to be simple, yet including very sophisticated technology. Furthermore, it has to be modular, with an interface fully integrated and designed to be one with the physical object.
The physical object needs to feel as the main interface for the user to deal with, as scale becomes a major factor of usability.

This is how a totem (iotem) was born: a basic recognizable unit of information/action for complex environments that can deal with "Internet of Things" technology sets (such as NFC/NFC-over-WiFi) directly and intuitively.